07 – Sandra Higgins

This interview allowed me to interview a truly selfless and inspirational vegan advocate, Sandra Higgins. We delved into what life is like at Eden animal sanctuary. Discussing how many people can hold hardwired held beliefs concerning certain species also how this relates to species-ism. Sandra runs the Go Vegan World campaign which strives to highlight the individuality of the victims of the Meat/Dairy and egg industries. For more information on www.goveganworld.com

06 – Holistic Doctor

In this insightful podcast we touch upon so many areas. New technologies which are being used by the Holistic Doctor are discussed. The area of fasting, open water swims and simply having a grateful heart are also delved into. This podcast gives you a holistic perspective on health given to you by Modestas, The Holistic Doctor. You will learn lots through listening and I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

05 – Discovering New Therapies

An interview with Dorothy and David Kelly, who between them practice a number of interesting and diverse natural therapies. We touch upon the therapies which they collectively do, how they can work on the body and other matters concerning health. Based in Dromore, N Ireland, they offer a wide range of expertise to all: www.dorothykellyacademyofreflexology.com

04 – Herbalist Podcast

This podcast was a joy, to get to interview someone whom I admire greatly. I interviewed a fantastic medical Herbalist named Alan Hopking. Alan runs a website selling herbal tonics, herbs and herbal skin lotions, the name of the website is Herbactive. We delved into what is a herb, what being a medical herbalist entails and also the ways in which Alan’s tonics can facilitate a person back to balanced health.

Website link is herbactive.co.uk

01 – Anxiety

01 – Anxiety

This first debut podcast delves deeply into the sometimes ominous realm of anxiety and it’s effects. The foundations for this podcast were built upon personal experience of the topic. The podcast aims to provide insight into researched and practiced techniques which have proven to personally be effective in the battle with anxiety.