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When your greatest challenge is yourself

man_in_the_mirror___cas_tiel_by_fuileachd-d3hi98gIt struck me today, not for the first time,but perhaps harder than usual, that truly my greatest challenge is myself.

Am I alone in this, or is this common?

I strive to be positive yet find myself getting agitated at the car in front who won’t go when the green light goes on the traffic lights.

I get stung at any criticism and revert back to defensive mode.

My partner, who might I add has a superb attitude in most, if not all things, often times helps me to re-frame my situation.

It is exactly that, how I have chosen to perceive the situation. Whether that was carved from any number of factors in my childhood or whether it is reliant somewhat upon what genetic makeup I carry.  The end result is that I have to learn how to re-frame my perceptions.

Now, I am not being negative nor down upon myself, feeling low about my abilities in fact has no doubt contributed to my current situation.

I am choosing to see this as hopefully a turning point.

I am sure we all carry our own struggles.If we look closer within we may see elements which we run from or disengage from.

Those situations that keep coming back and back, in perhaps different forms, are there, not as punishment but actually as lessons.

Theoretically it is always easier to accept, to understand.  I hope I am not alone in feeling that it is the actual practical demonstration of the desired behaviour which is the major challenge.

This life is truly a journey and we each lead our own unique lives.

One thing I can say definitively is this, we need to be gentle with ourselves.  Yes, we need to grow but we also require nourishment.We all have unique talents and abilities.

Recognize your own talents and use them.If you do that, you are leading the best life possible for you.

I have to learn to accept it is ok to be me.  I don’t need to compare, only enjoy and appreciate my uniqueness.Embrace my own precious life. Embrace your unique and special lives.

What they won’t tell you: The sun is a full-spectrum medicine that can heal cancer

(NaturalNews) “Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth’s primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease.” — Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor
and writer. [1]

Truth is, we’ve been systematically lied to about the sun and skin cancer for years. This video presentation explains fully. How many know that there is no definitive proof that the sun alone causes skin cancer? [2]

Can the sun cure cancer?

In the book The Healing Sun, author Dr. Richard Hobday documents a wide array of studies which show that the sun protects against cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. It can also prevent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). [3]

Then there’s the case of Dr. Harland G. Call, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and was advised by a surgeon to have it removed. Instead, he decided to sunbath the cancerous area.

After a short period of continuous sunbathing, the skin cancer was completely gone. He returned to his MD for a confirmation, and his doctor confirmed that the skin cancer had disappeared and no surgery was required. [3]

According to Dr. Bernarr Zovluck, “Cancer is helped by sunbathing, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime. Kime writes
that those who get more sunlight have less cancer. Sunbathing heals
cancer by building up the immune system and increasing the oxygen in the
tissues.” [4]

Still, we’re bombarded almost daily with dire “warnings” from reputable “authorities” admonishing us, for our own good of course, to avoid the sun at all costs.

Epidemic levels of sun phobia

For example, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, chief of dermatological and cosmetic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center advised: “Wearing sunscreen and then deliberately going out in the sun is almost as [bad] as going out with no sunscreen at all.”

She continued, “You don’t get burned, but the UV rays are still getting into your skin. Sunscreen is important, but you should also wear the right clothing and shield yourself as much as possible from direct sun exposure.” [5]

Is Dr. Ashinoff advocating a vampire lifestyle? The reality is that the vast majority of people, including doctors, have been duped into believing the myth that the sun is toxic, carcinogenic and a deadly health hazard.

That’s why most people slavishly and lavishly slather toxic sunscreens on their skin whenever they anticipate direct contact with the sun’s rays. But in fact, most conventional sunscreens are cancer-causing biohazards. [6] [7]

Meanwhile, the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry and the billion-dollar toxic sunscreen industry are making hay with this hoax. True believers are left scratching their heads in bewilderment as statistics reveal that the dreaded malignant melanoma skin cancer is on the rise. [8]

The sun doctor

Dr. Auguste Rollier opened the first European “Sun Clinic” in 1903 at Leysin, Switzerland. He also wrote a very influential book: Heliotherapy. He was considered the most famous heliotherapist in the world.

At his peak, he operated 36 clinics. Dr. Rollier espoused that the sun was an unsurpassed broad-spectrum medicine. He healed his patients using a wholesome diet combined with the power of the sun.

By 1933, there were over 165 different diseases successfully treated with heliotherapy including tuberculosis, wounds, rickets and much more. Dr. Rollier’s death in 1954 marked the end of sun therapy not because it was ineffective, but because it had been replaced by Big Pharma’s “miracle drugs.” [9]

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About the author:
Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding them towards direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

You can check out his many non-compromising cutting edge, non-fluff articles here

The harsh realities of the Cancer Industry

ChemotherapyThis is a topic which I have dipped my toes into, on and off for at least five years.

This topic is a controversial one and I have seen that upon talking about it with friends and family.

Many people are shocked that I should be interested in such a topic.

I say, unequivocally, that my intentions are absolutely pure.  I truly only want to bring another angle to what we have been led to believe.

For all those people who are suffering, who are living with Cancer, my intention is to perhaps equip you with some tools to  aid you in your journey towards healing.

It is a huge topic, with many layers.

Firstly, the three permitted ways of dealing with Cancer, now, involve harsh chemicals, chemo, burning, radiation and cutting the body open, surgery.  Having researched this area extensively, truthfully, I think these methods are outdated, brutal and barbaric.

Little do people realize that there are hundreds of alternatives out there.

I am not saying there is one cure for cancer.  There are many, but there so many factors and it is a complex topic.

Anyone who has gone through Chemo and is well now, I am delighted.  I feel that it is, in spite of the treatment and not because of it.

It may also be a surprise to think of the Cancer industry to be, an industry, concerned about profits and patents.

Well meaning people run each year and truly believe they are making a difference.  However it has been shown and highlighted that those funds very often go to pay the hefty salaries of those high up the chain in the Industry.

It is a huge shift to actually question the intentions of those operating within the industry.  We want to believe in the purity of intentions, especially when it involves something as serious as Cancer.

Everyone in this world knows someone who has been touched by Cancer.  That word alone can instill the most chilling fear into someones heart.

Cancer is another Chronic disease, like Alzheimers, like diabetes.  Of course they are different but they are all under that category.

Yet could it be said that Cancer appears to be the most feared.

The War on cancer was proclaimed in 1971 by the then, President of the US, President Nixon.  We are now 43 years after that.

The statistics show that there have been no improvements.  The success rate stands at 2.1%.

At 2.1%, does this resonate as a success?  Would we have faith in the potential of such methods of treatment at this percentage?

The industry uses a five year success rate way of recording statistics.  That means that if someone lives 5 years and one day after diagnosis, they are still included in the data as a success.

As far as  I was concerned a success is when you can live much, much longer than 5 years.

The Cancer industry falls back upon needing scientific data to support any choice of treatment.  They tend to pass scorn upon any ‘quackery’, that may have anecdotal evidence and testimonials.

Unfortunately, alternative treatments for Cancer, very often fall under the natural food or herb categories, thus can’t be patented, as a result are of no interest to any drug company for any investment.

Thankfully there are a lot of people who are doing their best to get information out there.  Information which is being endorsed by Doctors, by Oncology doctors, by people who adhere to science and facts.

I am going to do a few articles on this topic, this is only to lay the foundations.

Please read the other articles and pursue further investigation yourselves.


Getting in tune with your natural skin

coconut oilI am all in  favor of using products on our skins which we wouldn’t have a problem eating.

In other words, as natural as can be.

Did you know the best cleanser for your skin is actually Oil, nut and seed oils?The oil draws the dirt and impurities from the skin.  You can either use a Muslin cloth or natural cotton wool.

I am often amazed when I look at the ingredients of skin care products, even natural ones.  They tend to be over priced and even the most natural, can have some, not so natural, elements.

Truthfully, I would advise everyone to make their own oils upOils have been shown to be more nourishing then creams, they also tend to penetrate deeper into the layers of our skin.

Oils which you can use singly or collectively could include; Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, Avocado oil,  Hemp seed oil,  Carrot oil or Rosehip oil.

They all have a multitude of Vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, necessary for optimum skin health, namely vitamin E, Beta carotene, Omega 3 and Vitamin c.

facial massageI would also highly recommend upon administering the oil, indulging your face with a mini facial.  You can use pressure points on Forehead, along cheekbones and around the eye sockets.

Anything put on the skin in essence gets into our blood stream.  Through using these highly nourishing oils, we also enhance the vitamin and mineral content in our blood stream and do not add to the toxic stream.

One other area people maybe do not consider is also the make up arena.  Many of the popular brands contain parabens, they mimic hormonesLipstick, which is often slathered on regularly is one of the main culprits in having damaging substances, toxic to the body.

There are a lot of natural make up brands out there.  I find a one stop shop is a website called’ The natural skincare company‘, they have a wide variety of options and truthfully I think their prices are very reasonable.

Branding is big business, marketing famous faces using certain brands shouldn’t be enough for us to believe it is a good product.

Be discerning, choose more natural if you can.

Blueberry Paradise

In 2009/2010 I had literally the most fulfilling, satisfying and authentic experience of my whole life.

I went to New Zealand, with the intention of Working on Organic farms.

It was to be a time of peace, reflection, good, nourishing food and adventure.

I had many wonderful, unique experiences.  Without doubt the most influential being my time spent in a Blueberry farm in Upper Hutt, North of Wellington.

The absolute peace in that location was unlike anything I had experienced before.

blueberriesWalking through a field of Blueberry trees, laden with fruit, picking the spoils as I walked, happens to be a scene I imagine time and time again.

Eating nearly a bucket of Organic Blueberries every day for 10 weeks was simply devine.

Blueberries nourish our eye sight, help with blood sugar and also help our arteries.  They also are absolutely delicious.

I was fortunate to meet a bunch of wonderful souls, namely Mandi, Kathy,Tanja and Jordi.  They all touched my life and built memories I can store forever.

I connected with who I truly was there.  Through the peace surfaced my serenityThrough the nourishing food, my optimum health sprung forth

I would highly recommend to anyone to embark upon a voyage, listen to your instinct and pursue it.

I learnt through that experience,  it is so important to follow your happiness.

It really is, and can be, that simple

From Panic to Bliss, lessons on the way.

panic-anxiety-disorder-300x300Ten years ago I suffered from severe, debilitating panic attacks.  Anyone who knows what that is like, can comprehend how it literally grips you and sucks the life force from your veins.

Sounds possibly over dramatic.  It was that bad.

It reached a level where I couldn’t even hold down a job.  The level of anxiety and panic stirred like a tempest within.

Struggling through that was very challenging, though I can say, it is true that the greatest hardships have the potential to be our greatest teachers.

I followed a course which led me to many things, one of the most instrumental in my healing was learning to address the incessant negativity and fear within.

I started foraging into the world of visualization, meditation and affirmations.

How we think and the thoughts which we tell ourselves or allow in everyday, dictate our life.  If we are unaware of this unruly presence , we are subject to it’s whims.

We are always thinking, thoughts create feelings and feelings and thoughts repeated, create beliefs.

The great news is that we can, through effort and awareness, change these thoughts, thus impacting significantly upon our entire lives and experiences.

relaxMeditation can be so powerful, there are many forms.  I practiced the breath awareness meditation for some time.  When we focus upon our breath, we train our mind to be able to focus upon one thing at a time, not to be tempted by distractions.

Visualization was a relaxing escapade.  In my case I had to re train my body in the art of relaxation.  There was a point where I literally could not relax at all.  There are a whole host of scenarios you can indulge in whilst visualizing.  It can be extremely healing and powerful.

One of my main aids, and I praise them so highly was a company called Brainsync.  They have a revolutionary system, scientifically tested which can actually bring your brain wave frequency to a more relaxed state.  We have four brain wave states.  Beta is basically a panic, high alert state, Alpha, a meditative state, Theta, a healing state close to sleep and Delta, dream state.  Through listening with headphones your brain can be brought to these states.  I would highly recommend people looking at their website;


Affirmations are positive statements which can be repeated in our minds as and when we so choose.  They have the potential to replace previous negative self talk with more positive and encouraging statements.  If we truly think about it, are we talking to ourselves the way we would speak to our best friend? If not, we need to change that, and we can change the words which we use.

Forwarding on some years, I can say that I am a different person.  I still get challenged but am able to bring myself back to a state of equilibrium.  I now have the tools and understanding I lacked at the beginning of my journey.

Hopefully this may empower and encourage anyone else who has struggled with this challenge.  Know that each one of us have the complete power to dictate what we say to ourselves.

Be your own best friend and create the perfect life for youThat is within all of our powers.


Getting to clear my Colon and such matters


I spent an evening clearing my Colon.
Well I actually got assistance in the matter, pardon the pun.
I went to Synergy Healthcare , based on Cregagh Road in Belfast, and made good use of the deal they were offering. It included an Ozone therapy Sauna and a Colonic Hydrotherapy.
Like most people, I was initially reticent and was conflicted in whether I thought a Colonic was actually good for you. Concerned about losing those all important good bacteria.
The benefits of Colonics, for short, are improved bowel regularity, increased energy and a boost of the immune system, to name a few.
Before having my Colonic, I went to a room and was shown the one person Sauna, which fed in Ozone as well. This was something I was excited about.
Ozone has three oxygen molecules unlike oxygen, which we breathe in, which has two oxygen molecules. That additional molecule scours the body and has innumerable health benefits upon the body.
It can stimulate the immune system. Help the liver detoxify and kill bacteria, viruses and any yeasts, these benefits are not exhaustive.
Getting down to how I felt, well the ozone sauna was very similar to a sauna. Knowing that my body was sweating out toxins was extremely satisfying .The experience was very pleasant and upon finishing I felt very relaxed and purified.
Now, the colonic, I am not going to get into the gory details. Suffice it to say that it was surprisingly unobtrusive and somewhat pleasant.
I enjoyed the interaction with the ladies carrying out the procedure and at no point was it unpleasant.
I felt cleansed and uplifted afterwards. It was a great package. Highly recommend to anyone.
Nothing like an evening of cleansing.

Those feet were made for healing

reflexologyThose wonderful feet. Most of us pay scant attention to our feet.

They serve their purpose and can often times be scorned and ridiculed.

Not only do these magnificent parts of our anatomy carry the weight of our body, they also can reveal a lot about what is actually going on within our bodies.

In the 1930’s a  Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, used zone therapy in her work with patients. Zone therapy worked on the premise that there were energy channels in the body. Those channels ran from one part usually ending in an extremity, such as the feet. Certain areas of the body were found to be more effective in accessing these zones, mainly the feet.  The feet were found to be very sensitive.  Eunice mapped the entire body onto the feet and that is thought to be where Reflexology was born.

Reflexology can be seen as both a science and an art.  As a science, a therapist is required to have knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.As an art it can be a very intuitive and sensory therapy, relying upon subtle nuances and sensitivities from the Client.

Having carried out many reflexology sessions on people it never fails to amaze and confirm with me how much information can be derived from a channels

I see reflexology as a balancing tool.  It deeply relaxes and in a state of relaxation the body innately self repairs.  It is akin to a recharger. Sending pressure signals to the energy channels enabling smooth flowing and clear communication between organs.

I think it is a powerful treatment and can say it nourishes me . Enabling the person’s body to heal itself and re balance.

Give those tootsies a little love and a  massage when you can. Even get your partner to do it!!