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The Mecca for Vegans- Prague

pragueWell I wouldn’t have thought it but Prague is indeed the capital for Vegans to flock to.

They hold the greatest number of vegetarian/vegan venues that I have come across, bar New Zealand.

I was lucky to travel there this summer.  I literally was in seventh heaven.

veggy foodThe range was phenomenal, Risottos, vegetable burgers with vegetarian gravy, raw chocolate cake, to name a few.

The drinks were also in a different league, superfood drinks with spirulina, Aloe vera drinks, what more can a vegan girl wish for?

It certainly helped that our buying power was such that a full meal, with drinks, was at least half of the price of home.

Prague is such a cultural place to visit too. You have the eclectic mix of acts on the Charles bridge, the boat rides, the cathedral.

We even had the wonderful chance to stumble upon a film set, late at night, walking through the cobble streets.

Getting back to the whole Vegan restaurant theme, they were so busy, we actually had to book to get a table.

Apparently Prague still has it’s mainstay of meat eaters but more and more people are seeing the risks of consuming meat and going towards the vegan/vegetarian camp, hence it’s soaring popularity.

Calling all Vegans/Vegetarians out there, this is a place you want to visit. A place called ‘ Maitrea’  was superb.


Nourished body, nourished life.

fruitFor many, food is but an end to hunger, a pleasant taste.

Few see that it is in fact the fuel in our tank.

White food goods become the norm, seeds get taken out, a denatured substance remains.

You only have to reach the five a day, yet few even get their one.

We choose the pill over food, less messy, less effective.

As the masses remain bewitched by image and turn their back on logic.

We find ourselves stocked full of prematurely old and ill people.

The fruit and vegetable need to have their moment in the spotlight, flaunt their fares.

Nature, untouched, seeded, whole and pure, fills our cells with that which they crave, that which they need.

The masses need to awaken to the absolute need to embrace natures, natural foods.




Being overwhelmed in Marrakesh

moroccoI recently visited Marrakesh, Morocco.  I knew that being a vegan would be a challenge here, but wanted to experience the culture.

Walking the narrow, cobble streets of the Old Town, risking our lives being mowed down by  Motorbikes, we found a place called ‘Kuy-Zin’.

There was a splendid roof terrace, where we could view  the skyline.  Looking through the menu, granted it was limited for me, but I could get the traditional vegetarian Tagine.

A Tagine is basically akin to a stew, though not as pureed perhaps.  I must admit it was very tasty.

Morocco has a heavy meat intake.

To describe Morocco respectfully I could use a word’ madness‘, I could also use a phrase’ survival of the fittest’

Crossing the road in itself was dicing with death.

The senses were overwhelmed with the petrol fumes from all the motorbikes and taxis passing, the occasional stench of sewage and the continuous hustle bustle of people passing.

Beauty was to be found in the vibrant headscarves of the women, in contrast to the dull cobble buildings.  The sound of the worship reigning throughout the city echoed and demanded respect.

We were fortunate enough to come into close contact with a small group of Camels whilst there.  They ,in some way epitomise the essence of the Country which they inhabit, sturdy, immune to the hardship and survivors.

Overall from a vegan perspective, you are most likely to find one dish at least which can be made vegan.I did find it quite easy to source fresh  juices, carrot and ginger quickly became a favourite of mine there.


Some ideas on facing the current threat of Ebola

virus1Ebola, how that word is now dominating every news broadcast.

Truly it has the power to instill a chilling fear into our hearts.

My own views,perhaps controversial, are that, not enough has been done and still not enough is being done.

We have the technology, the ability in the Western world to provide enough protective equipment, to provide the necessary to contain the virus.

I cannot understand how flights from affected areas are not being scrutinised much more thoroughly.Currently people’s temperature s are being taken and they are asked to fill out questionnaires.

Personally I would halt, temporarily, all outgoing flights from affected Countries.

This is the first case of Ebola travelling across Continents and Countries.

On a more proactive and positive note, there are measures we, as individuals can take.

What the Governments do, unfortunately is somewhat outside our control.

As a virus, Ebola has been shown to be killed by Ultraviolet light.Light from the sun has the potential to stop this in it’s tracks.

There is the technology in the US, a machine which emits Ultraviolet light and can be used to clean the rooms where Ebola victims can he held.

collodialsilverAnother promising aid is Colloidal silver.It has been shown to attack the very energy mechanism of a virus.

Boosting our immune system provides us with the best defence we can take at this point.Herbs such as cayenne pepper, root ginger,cinnamon,cloves, Pau d’arco and Aloe vera are extremely beneficial.

Washing our hands and being careful about touching surfaces are also measures we can take.

I truly hope that this virus can be contained. Empower yourself and protect yourself as best you can.

Thoughts are with Ebola victims and families of those affected.

What they won’t tell you: The sun is a full-spectrum medicine that can heal cancer

(NaturalNews) “Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth’s primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease.” — Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor
and writer. [1]

Truth is, we’ve been systematically lied to about the sun and skin cancer for years. This video presentation explains fully. How many know that there is no definitive proof that the sun alone causes skin cancer? [2]

Can the sun cure cancer?

In the book The Healing Sun, author Dr. Richard Hobday documents a wide array of studies which show that the sun protects against cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. It can also prevent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). [3]

Then there’s the case of Dr. Harland G. Call, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and was advised by a surgeon to have it removed. Instead, he decided to sunbath the cancerous area.

After a short period of continuous sunbathing, the skin cancer was completely gone. He returned to his MD for a confirmation, and his doctor confirmed that the skin cancer had disappeared and no surgery was required. [3]

According to Dr. Bernarr Zovluck, “Cancer is helped by sunbathing, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime. Kime writes
that those who get more sunlight have less cancer. Sunbathing heals
cancer by building up the immune system and increasing the oxygen in the
tissues.” [4]

Still, we’re bombarded almost daily with dire “warnings” from reputable “authorities” admonishing us, for our own good of course, to avoid the sun at all costs.

Epidemic levels of sun phobia

For example, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, chief of dermatological and cosmetic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center advised: “Wearing sunscreen and then deliberately going out in the sun is almost as [bad] as going out with no sunscreen at all.”

She continued, “You don’t get burned, but the UV rays are still getting into your skin. Sunscreen is important, but you should also wear the right clothing and shield yourself as much as possible from direct sun exposure.” [5]

Is Dr. Ashinoff advocating a vampire lifestyle? The reality is that the vast majority of people, including doctors, have been duped into believing the myth that the sun is toxic, carcinogenic and a deadly health hazard.

That’s why most people slavishly and lavishly slather toxic sunscreens on their skin whenever they anticipate direct contact with the sun’s rays. But in fact, most conventional sunscreens are cancer-causing biohazards. [6] [7]

Meanwhile, the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry and the billion-dollar toxic sunscreen industry are making hay with this hoax. True believers are left scratching their heads in bewilderment as statistics reveal that the dreaded malignant melanoma skin cancer is on the rise. [8]

The sun doctor

Dr. Auguste Rollier opened the first European “Sun Clinic” in 1903 at Leysin, Switzerland. He also wrote a very influential book: Heliotherapy. He was considered the most famous heliotherapist in the world.

At his peak, he operated 36 clinics. Dr. Rollier espoused that the sun was an unsurpassed broad-spectrum medicine. He healed his patients using a wholesome diet combined with the power of the sun.

By 1933, there were over 165 different diseases successfully treated with heliotherapy including tuberculosis, wounds, rickets and much more. Dr. Rollier’s death in 1954 marked the end of sun therapy not because it was ineffective, but because it had been replaced by Big Pharma’s “miracle drugs.” [9]

Sources for this article include:










About the author:
Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding them towards direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

You can check out his many non-compromising cutting edge, non-fluff articles here

Foods to have in your cupboard.

There are foods out there nowadays which have reached Superfood status.  I am going to compile a list of foods which I couldn’t live without and which I feel give superb nutritional support to our bodies.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but nonetheless hopefully helpful.

apple cidervinegarApple cider vinegar- This tangy addition to foods has a whole host of benefits, perhaps unheard of.  Taking this product helps maintain an alkaline PH in the body. The body tends towards a healthier state when alkaline.

It is said to help detoxify the liver. It has natural enzymes which can combat candida,which is an overgrowth of yeast in the body.

I always like to add a dash to any stews or risotto dishes.  Can also help with maintaining balanced stomach acid levels.

Barleygrass/Wheatgrass–  Weight for weight, these are very densely nutrient rich foods. They are majorly rich in chlorophyll, which is high in magnesium. They also have digestive enzymes which can  help manage indigestible and toxic elements in food, such as heavy metals.  They have anti inflammatory properties.  You only need as much as half a teaspoon daily, mixed in a  small amount of filtered water.

barleygrassMSM/Epsom salts–  These are the same thing under different titles. MSM is basically Magnesium Sulfate, which is a mixture of Magnesium and Sulfur. Both of these minerals are extremely important in our diets.  Magnesium is highly alkalizing, helps calm nerve function, helps balance out depressionMagnesium strengthens the ability of the body to counteract conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and arthritis. Sulfur is also alkalizing.  Through taking a half teaspoon daily, we meet our requirements for both minerals.

Almond butter/cashew butter–  Nut butters which are unrefined and cold pressed are a wonderful  alternative to ordinary butter. They offer the benefits of providing minerals such as selenium and magnesium as well as Vitamin E. You get the benefits of the nut’s qualities.  Almond is said to alleviate coughs, lubricate the intestines and help  with lung conditions.

shitake mushroomShitake mushrooms- These mushrooms have been given a lot of praise. They have been said to have anti cancer benefits, stimulating the immune system. I think they are a great addition to stews, they add a filling element to the foods and are very tasty.

Coldpressed Coconut oil-  Coconut oil is a phenomenal substance.  Taken internally it apparently feeds the ketones in the brain.It has been shown to help with weight loss. It enhances immune function. It is one of few safe oils with which to cook with.  It can basically be used all over the body and can assist in gum health, youthful skin and shiny hair.


I couldn’t live without these magnificent products. Taking them makes me feel I am giving my body the best of foods.



Tasty foods fit for your skin

natural skincareWhen we eat our foods, our skin is very often the last organ to receive the nutrients.  Other organs are seen as more critically in need of the nourishment.

Knowing that fact, it makes sense to nourish our skin directly.

I truly feel we can obtain unbelievable nourishment from a rainbow of foods.

I am going to list a few recipes for different skin enhancing formulas.

Frankorose skin oil-50ml

Sesame seed oil     –      20ml                 Carrot oil-       3ml                    Frankincense Oil-2ml 

Apricot kernal oil–        10ml                 Rose hip oil–   3ml

Extra virgin Olive oil   10ml                  Lavender oil–   2ml


Fill a 50ml glass bottle with this.  This oil is so nourishing.

Carrot oil provides skin with Beta Carotene, Vitamin E.  Frankincense oil is rejuvenating for skin, particularly sensitive/older skin.  Rose hip oil also evens skin tone, is rich in Essential fatty acids.  Lavender oil calms sensitive skin.


Rosehip and Lavender toner

Soak Rose petals in filtered water for up to 3-5 days in airtight container(glass if possible).

Pour water from this into a 100ml glass bottle.  Also put 5-10 drops of Lavender oil in bottle.

This produces a fantastic toner you can use on newly washed skin prior to application of Oil.


Green clay and herbal skin purifier

Mix 1 teaspoon of Green clay and 1 teaspoon of dried burdock root(optional)

Add two drops of lemon juice and enough filtered water to make your desired consistency.

Apply to clean skin and keep on skin for 10-20 mins.

Unveil clean, clear and purified skin.


Soothing eye gel

2 teaspoons peeled and grated cucumber

1 teaspoon honey

If you combine ingredients to form a paste.

Apply over and around closed eyes.  Leave for 10 mins and then rinse with cool , filtered water.


These recipes are only examples, you can mix and match ingredients as you so desire.

It is so simple and fulfilling making your own products.  I do it all the time and love it.





Have you heard the expression’ Eat dirt’, well who would have thought it actually was seriously good advice.

So good in fact that it could be the answer to a lot of problems we are bombarded with, nowadays.

Let me explain…….

Clay and dirt have been utiized by Indigenous people, potentially over 200 cultures.  Every animal eats dirt and clay on a regular basis.

Do they know something, instinctively, we have overlooked, somewhere?

There is actually science behind the consumption of clay.

Clay has a negative charge, when it is combined with water it covers a huge surface area.  It acts like a sponge and draws substances such as heavy metals, viruses, radiation, which have a positive charge to them.  Clay is not absorbed but merely draws these toxins safely out of the body.

What a magnificent substance.

Consideration needs to be made if one is on pharmaceutical drugs, as the mechanism of the clay can be impeded by certain drugs and homeopathic remedies.

It is advised that the clay is consumed on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

You can use Green Clay.  I use a brand called ‘Archital’, they obtain the clay from Sicily.  Bentonite clay can also be used.

In the current situation where we are bombarded with toxic fumes from cars, from industry and radiation from Fukushima, we need every ally we can gather.  This is a harmless substance, highly effective and very affordable.

You need to only use a teaspoon of the clay mixed with a little water(preferably filtered).

green clay


Reach for the clay, there is true wisdom in nature.

Getting in tune with your natural skin

coconut oilI am all in  favor of using products on our skins which we wouldn’t have a problem eating.

In other words, as natural as can be.

Did you know the best cleanser for your skin is actually Oil, nut and seed oils?The oil draws the dirt and impurities from the skin.  You can either use a Muslin cloth or natural cotton wool.

I am often amazed when I look at the ingredients of skin care products, even natural ones.  They tend to be over priced and even the most natural, can have some, not so natural, elements.

Truthfully, I would advise everyone to make their own oils upOils have been shown to be more nourishing then creams, they also tend to penetrate deeper into the layers of our skin.

Oils which you can use singly or collectively could include; Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, Avocado oil,  Hemp seed oil,  Carrot oil or Rosehip oil.

They all have a multitude of Vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, necessary for optimum skin health, namely vitamin E, Beta carotene, Omega 3 and Vitamin c.

facial massageI would also highly recommend upon administering the oil, indulging your face with a mini facial.  You can use pressure points on Forehead, along cheekbones and around the eye sockets.

Anything put on the skin in essence gets into our blood stream.  Through using these highly nourishing oils, we also enhance the vitamin and mineral content in our blood stream and do not add to the toxic stream.

One other area people maybe do not consider is also the make up arena.  Many of the popular brands contain parabens, they mimic hormonesLipstick, which is often slathered on regularly is one of the main culprits in having damaging substances, toxic to the body.

There are a lot of natural make up brands out there.  I find a one stop shop is a website called’ The natural skincare company‘, they have a wide variety of options and truthfully I think their prices are very reasonable.

Branding is big business, marketing famous faces using certain brands shouldn’t be enough for us to believe it is a good product.

Be discerning, choose more natural if you can.

Blueberry Paradise

In 2009/2010 I had literally the most fulfilling, satisfying and authentic experience of my whole life.

I went to New Zealand, with the intention of Working on Organic farms.

It was to be a time of peace, reflection, good, nourishing food and adventure.

I had many wonderful, unique experiences.  Without doubt the most influential being my time spent in a Blueberry farm in Upper Hutt, North of Wellington.

The absolute peace in that location was unlike anything I had experienced before.

blueberriesWalking through a field of Blueberry trees, laden with fruit, picking the spoils as I walked, happens to be a scene I imagine time and time again.

Eating nearly a bucket of Organic Blueberries every day for 10 weeks was simply devine.

Blueberries nourish our eye sight, help with blood sugar and also help our arteries.  They also are absolutely delicious.

I was fortunate to meet a bunch of wonderful souls, namely Mandi, Kathy,Tanja and Jordi.  They all touched my life and built memories I can store forever.

I connected with who I truly was there.  Through the peace surfaced my serenityThrough the nourishing food, my optimum health sprung forth

I would highly recommend to anyone to embark upon a voyage, listen to your instinct and pursue it.

I learnt through that experience,  it is so important to follow your happiness.

It really is, and can be, that simple